________The Fine Art of Natalie Stutely________
The Thoroughbred

I take inspiration from the entire world around me, fascinated by the play of light and shadow that creates the spectrum of colour we see all around us. In my work I try to build up the depth and fluidity of the subject, whether in the power and magnificence of a horse or the lightness and delicacy of a blossom. I am always drawn to the beauty and drama of movement and try to evoke this in my paintings.

The Arab Horse

I have great affection for the Arab breed , despite being so refined and delicate looking, they are the oldest, purest and hardiest breed in the world.  I'm amazed that a creature so beautiful can be so strong, enduring and noble.

The Beautiful Andalusian Horse

The Spanish Horse or Andalusian, renowned for its athletic and high spirited carriage, became popular during the Renaissance. The combination of my interest in Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelite style is the inspiration for my equestrian paintings and drawings.